my shield, the fortress


My shield, the fortress

has lifted with the night sky.


you have free range

to aim

and see my heart.


i hold two needles

one in each hand

steering the points towards one another

and they

have finally


connected a miracle.


this is sobriety.


a compass in hand, it has twelve steps.

an ore and a boat and a rudder.

God is the wind, the sail

the water.

this is

living sober.

sailing among the stardust

of all we will become.

there is a garden

by the front of the house

on the shoulder of the stairs.

it's been wild and wondering.

i've begun to tear it of her weeds.



God fills this garden

and herbs begin to grow

into a Goddess.  


I am sprigs of basil

on the kitchen counter.

I am the illuminated,

fragrant earth.