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Anna Davis 


To create is to dance with the Universe, to serve and to become a positive affirmation of our own magnificence.


Let it be known. 
I did not fall from grace. 
I leapt to freedom.

-Ansel Elkins

This work is about recovering Spirit and turning towards the light and truth within my own heart. It's about coming home.

Three years ago, I moved out of the chaos of Brooklyn and into the forest to heal, create artwork and reclaim a beautiful part of my spirit that had nearly been extinguished. I began a body of artwork and writing to express this experience.

Today, I live in sync with the seasons and stars. I assemble sculpture from natural found objects to honor the Goddess within me, the Spirits I have been, and the Spirit in all things. This work is co - creation with the divine, the forest, and the community. Many of the natural objects used in the work were found here in the forest or given by friends and neighbors. Crystals, branches, feathers, and the bones used are all in praise of life, in celebration of earth, in honor of transformation and spiritual awakening. These pieces are primarily wall hangings and altar pieces, creating sacred space and sanctuaries within the home.  I write poems to accompany each piece to illuminate the meaning held in each creation. The bone pieces are made with the deepest reverence for the animals.  I write about the medicine of each animal as a way to honor the relics and learn from their teachings.

The healing and wisdom found through the process of art making in these woods has reconnected me to my truth, my femininity, my center... and has brought immense beauty and meaning back into my life.

Welcome to the Freedom Lodge.