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Anna Davis 

 I believe we each have the ability to choose what holds deep meaning and purpose for us, what guides us and what we hold as sacred. As divine. As holy. As aligned. As our altars and as our church.

This work began as a healing process, searching for guides and direction from the natural world during a time of deep self transformation. What emerged was a body of work to celebrate and join with the sacred, to create a place of gratitude and remembrance within the home, to continually connect with the messages and meaning found in each element, animal, spirit and representation.

These pieces are symbols of what I want to call into my life. Relics of what has guided me back to wholeness, back to a place of remembering who I really am.

The materials used have been found in the forest surrounding my home, as well as gifted from neighbors and friends. I do not hunt or kill for bones or feathers to use in my work. Items have been collected and repurposed with the deepest reverence and respect for the animals.

I enjoy the process of praying to the bones, feathers, wood and earth asking for permission to co-create with them, to learn, and share their wisdom. As artists, we become conduits for a voice beyond our own. I dedicate this practice, these poems, this work, to being of service for the greater good.