soul skin

I’ve been calling

prayers and feathers

out into the wind

for you.


I’ve been planting bulbs of faith

in the mud

of my patient

fire belly.

waiting through cycles

of life and death,

snowfall and spring

for the miracle

of rain.


Laurel and fern leaves chatter,

in applause

as the forest breaths

over moss.

she speaks,

something big

is coming.


A thunderstorm rolls

up against the mountain

over parched clay

and orange lillies

blue sky eyes

let loose in wet love

my rocks

are watered soft.


You’ve arrived.

Walked right into the skylight

of my own ribs,

of my poems.


I am in love

from the center of my heart

a place only God has known.

God, my Mother and Ben.

Ben, Great Spirit and Earth.

Mohonk Mountians, the Sky.


Thank you for hearing my prayers.

thank you for offering

coyote bones

on my doorstep

thank you for holding

wild flowers

in your arms.


thank you for all

that broke us both

into wholeness.

here, into oneness.


I am in love with you

from the clearest place

of Lake Awosting,

from the great mystery

of July’s dazzled sky.

I am in love with you

from deep knowing.

come be my Forest Wolf.

I am your Butterfly.


keep praying

keep opening

I will hold the vision and become

the kindest one

to ever let


through my hands

into your beautiful

soul skin