the universe calling


Last night the owls

and the coyotes sang me awake,

not a drop of sleep

to drink.


In my home

there is a hand.

Through grief's darkness

she reaches and points.

Sit here.

Take off the blindfold

of what this is

leave it

on the doorstep

of who you think you are.

See what grace

you have become.


God is here.

God's fire is here.

We will be transformed.

All the women in the world

still dance outside.

One sits inside.

She knows who you are.

She has watched you burn.

We overturn a field of rocks

and stare at the fear

we’ve been hoarding.


When the Universe tells us

Her message,

It burns

as a washed face

in winter wind.

It does not waiver

Wonder, negotiate

it goes

with you

on it's mighty back



You will not turn to count

the bags you've left

or if you've locked the door.


Quick like a lightning blade

God's forest fire

slashes holes

for saplings

to grow.


When the Universe calls,

the conversation is -


As you wish. I'm coming.