Panchakarma, Day 15


Our complicated lives have been

whittled down

to one spoon,

warm water,

red rice.

All the wool we’ve been winding

spinning, weaving has begun

to uncoil, a gentle

coaxing back

by the lamb

grazing softly in the meadow

of our bodies in bed

with a belly of ghee

through the morning.

Our past traumas

stain the weave of our wonder.

I hand wash my pillowcase

let it bake

back to nearly clean

in the hot, Kerala sun.

Like the ghee

we soak our stains loose

give way

open the channels out

like a blue whale finally breaking

the surface

to surrender and receive

so much tightly



the most beautiful thing

is to love each other

and be a witness

be a witness

to each other

as we burn.