7th step medicine

I have been darkness. I have been vacant and cold. I have been torn from the wall, I have been crumpled into a ball and tossed to the fire for heat. I have been angry. I have been shot with arrows. I have been sliced apart, I have lost my voice. I have been silent. I have been deaf. I have been blind. I have run away. I have cheated, I have chased, I have lied. I have punished, I have been ashamed. I have been afraid. I have been lazy. I have taken what wasn't mine to take. I have used you. I have used you again. I have been selfish. I have watched myself die. I have been numb. I have been picked from a tree, I have been pulled from the sea. I have been cornered. I have used my teeth. I have used my claws, my lips, my tail, my fingers. I have fallen to the ground. I am compost. I am earth. I am ash.

I hand it all over to you, Great Spirit.

I am Ganga, I am water. I am breath. I am the spark of a match, I am here. I am a woman. I am whole, I am breath. I am enough. I am Durga. I am Lakshmi, Hanuman. I am the Phoenix. I am service. I am service. I am humility. I am vertical. Upright. I am the witness. I am the baby deer, I am the black bear, the porcupine, the panther. The moth. I am endless sky, I am snow. I am moon. I am lake, I am leaves. I am food for the family. I am warmth. I am a conduit of light. I am song. I am art. I am a lover. I am a sister, a daughter. I am a mother. I am grace. I am feather, I am fur, I am bone. I am a listening. I am forgiving. I am opening. I am trusting. I am giving. I am letting go. I am loving. I am loving. I am loving. I am arms. I am legs. I am eyes, lungs, hands, feet, yoni, belly, breath. I am the owl song, the coyote cry. I am rainbow. I am seeds. I am sewn. I am growing. I am freedom.

Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for teaching me. Hearing me, tasting me, holding me. Taking all and forgiving me. 

Thank you. I love you. Thank you.